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a tremendous amount of energy in this system. there is a lot of rain, wind, and depending upon where, when and exactly how it comes ashore, it could be bad or it could be devastating. i've heard other people talk about the storm surge, the tide and how the timing is critical and where you are in relation to the eye, and that's exactly true, but it's so far out that we don't know exactly where it will hit, so i say we need to prepare now. >> and, admiral, meteorologist chad meyers is with me now. he's got a question for you as well. >> we talk about this surge and there's a number 0 to 6, and this surge is over 5.5 which is significant. they think the surge is more important than almost anything else. this surge you're talking about through the chesapeake where you are all the way up and into the del marvo peninsula and into lanew york harbor. if the new york harbor gets a surge of 6 feet or more, what happens? >> i'm not an expert on the new york harbor, but i know they're taking steps there and they'll probably talk to you later about the significant steps new york is taking. but dependin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)